About us

Smart Zebra has been created by a team focused on crafting powerful technology solutions that are simple to use. We combine modern technologies and utilise powerful software to unlock the insight from vast amounts of data.

We are an experienced team who have created technology solutions for some of the largest global enterprises. We also bring a vast depth of understanding about properties and the challenges that buildings can create.

We are Smart Zebra

We love to learn, collaborate, and create

We created Smart Zebra to bring digital technology to the property market, to help make sure that powerful technologies can be used in a way that makes day to day living better.

Smart Zebra can be quickly installed and works non-stop

Industry Leading Protection

Powerful Sensors

Our smart sensors are installed across key locations to keep track of critical services and capture data which is then transmitted to a central hub. All this data is securely processed with bank-grade encryption.

Intelligent Analytics

Smart Zebra uses analytics to assess the stream of data from the smart sensors and powerful detection algorithms identifying potential issues. Using a fully automated process, notifications are created to ensure that the relevant parties are made aware of the issue that has been detected so rapid action can be taken.