Save Money

Reduce costly repairs,
identify waste, and
protect your building
24 hours a day.

Reduce Emissions

Reach Net-Zero faster by
monitoring your real-time
CO2 emissions.

Promote Wellbeing

Meet regulations, providing
a safe and comfortable

Fast, Seamless

Installation of our smart
sensors is completed
typically in one day

Our flexible solution is based on leading technology and is able to help detect potential issues in real-time.

Technology you can trust

We have crafted Smart Zebra to be secure and ensure that all data is secured and encrypted using bank-grade technology to protect privacy

Intelligent real-time sensors

Using modern sensor technology the Smart Zebra solution collects data from multiple sensors which is then processed by our powerful insight technology

Discover Smart Zebra today in 60 seconds

Smart sensors work non-stop to provide clear signals


Smart Zebra is powered using wireless technology and mobile data communications


Smart Zebra utilises powerful artificial intelligence to analyse massive amounts of data to identify critical issues and insights


Smart Zebra works non-stop to make sure that when an issue is detected the right actions are taken