Our Smart Sensors

Our Smart Sensors are wireless and battery-powered which means we can deploy them anywhere.

Our standard set of smart sensors provide a comprehensive level of service. We can craft the right package of sensors for any environment.

Temperature sensor


Our highly accurate and reliable temperature sensors meet ISO 9000 standards.  These sensors check for over or under heating, creating automatic alerts when thresholds are breeched.  

When used in conjunction with the Power Consumption sensor the combined data provides an indicator of a buildings energy efficiency.

Power Consumption sensor

Power Consumption

Our electricity sensors remotely monitor power consumption and current usage.  

When used in conjunction with the Temperature sensors the combined data provides an indicator of a buildings energy efficiency.

Leak sensor


Our extremely flexible leak detectors use conductive rope, when any part of the rope becomes wet the sensor is triggered. From 3 to 30 metres in length, the ropes can be placed in any appropriate location and are typically used in areas at risk of water ingress such as roof voids and waste pipes.

Gate Sensors


Our gate sensors will send an alert if a gate is left open for too long, the length of time is totally customisable.

Lift Sensors


Our lift sensors use sophisticated accelerometers to measure that the lift or lifts are operating within expected tolerances. Over a set duration, the system “learns” the normal operating pattern and uses this data to monitor for any operational variation.  Variations can be an early warning of potential failures.

Air Quality Smart Sensors

Air Quality

We offer two sensors for air quality monitoring, when combined they provide a comprehensive real-time oversight of air quality.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) monitors, are recommended for areas where a lot of people gather. Alerts are triggered when CO2 levels rise above a certain threshold. 

Particulate monitors measure particulate matter, high concentrations of particulates are an indication of poor air quality. 

rodent sensors


Motion detection sensors can be placed in areas where movement is not expected and are configured to provide alerts, either 24/7 or at set times of the day or week.


If a door is unexpectedly opened, or left open for too long (the length of time is fully customisable) our door sensors will send an alert.  These sensors can monitor any access point, including windows.

Pumps and drainage

Pumps and Drainage

Our pressure monitors dynamically measure the working condition of a boiler/water pump by measuring the pressure in the supply lines.  

Coupled with our water detection sensors we can monitor boiler performance and water leak detection, two conditions most often seen together.

Electrical sensors


Using our power consumption sensors, our dynamic data analytics engine monitors changes in the pattern of current usage that can be an indicator of an imminent failure of an electrical device on the circuit. 

One size does not always fit

We are flexible and open to crafting the right package of sensors for any environment

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