What is a smart building ?

Conventional buildings are changing, they are becoming smart

Better Experience

Getting insight into a building’s health and getting real-time alerts when there are problems means a better experience for building users.

Save money

Issues are discovered faster, small problems can be spotted and fixed sooner, saving time and inconvenience.

Smart buildings are better 

Much like access to superfast broadband, smarter buildings can greatly enhance the quality of living for tenants, as well as help property developers and managers reduce costs.

Smarter buildings bring huge benefits to residents, significant cost savings, and help to reduce a building’s impact on the environment.

Powerful Wireless and Cloud Technology

Smart sensors are able to keep a check on a wide range of critical services and environmental factors. These sensors can monitor many aspects including power, lighting, heat and air quality.

Using wireless and 4G/5G communications, the data from these sensors can be streamed to powerful computing services securely hosted in the cloud. This data can be quickly processed using scalable cloud technology.

Sophisticated Smart Sensors

Technology is advancing at an astonishing pace. Devices and systems we take for granted today would have seemed like science fiction to many people only a few years ago.

Sensors can be used to capture the extensive data emitted by intelligent pumps, boilers, chillers, and other equipment, as well as sophisticated environmental sensors that can monitor hundreds of factors such as air quality, CO2, and movement. Together these sensors can provide a rich picture of a building’s health and enable pre-emptive interventions to maintain and replace equipment and improve a building’s environment.

Intelligent algorithms

Smarter buildings create data, lots of data. And it is the processing of that data to identify patterns, correlating events, and spotting trends, that really makes a smart building smarter.

Smart Zebra brings simplicity, accessibility and greater control delivered seamlessly to make life better for building occupants. This is all done with powerful intelligent algorithms that constantly adapt and learn.

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