A simple and secure system

FireGuardian continuously
checks if your alarm is active, functioning correctly, and set up properly using sensors which work 24/7 with the intelligent Smart Zebra cloud software.

FireGuardian: Automatic Fault Detection

You can relax knowing that our technology is always watching over your fire alarm.

Smart Sensors

We provide automatic detection technology that monitors fire alarm systems. Our sensors transmit data securely over a dedicated wireless network.

Wireless Smart Gateway

The wireless gateway provides a wireless access point to which all the Smart Sensors connect to. All the data collected from the sensors is securely transmitted over the mobile data (4G) network to the Smart Zebra service.

Smart Zebra Analytics

Using powerful algorithms the data from the Smart Sensors is processed and notifications are generated when any issues are detected.

Smart Alerts

Instant notifications are sent via email and SMS. Unlimited alerts ensure the right people can be notified of any issues.

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